Price list for process service image
Basic Routine Service (first attempt within 3-5 days) $125.00
(24 hr. Expedited Service add additional $85.00)
(48 hr. Expedited Service add additional $65.00)
Personal Service Routine $175.00
Matrimonial Service Routine $175.00
Secretary of State (includes state fee) $160.00
Landlord/Tenant $145.00
Addl. Tenants at Same Address $55.00
Affidavit of Additional Mailing $60.00
Attempt at Incorrect Address $60.00
Affidavit of Non-Military Service $70.00
Affidavit of Due Diligence $450.00+
DMV (per search) $95.00
Skip Trace (per search) $85.00
Stake-out (2 hour minimum) $400.00 +

All Papers Eastern Suffolk: Call for Rate
All Papers within the 5 Boroughs: Call for Rate
Out of State: Call for Rate